How to Withdraw Your Money



You’ve spun through the right combinations, the bells and whistles blew, your balance shot up, and now you’ve got that big Saturday night party on your mind. How are you going to get your money out fast and put it to good use for the weekend?

You’ve got to know how to withdraw money from an online casino!

There are hundreds of games at SlotsLV Casino and literally thousands of ways to win money from paylines, features, and jackpots. While it’s thrilling to see that account balance look so healthy, when you decide you want it to look just as healthy in your pocket, you’ll be glad you knew not only about the games but also how to get your money in the fastest way possible.

It’s a good thing we’re here to lead the way! SlotsLV is going to show you all the ins and outs of withdrawing your money, because nothing pays more than knowing how to get your winnings as quickly and easily as possible.

Ding ding ding! The winnings are in, and here’s how to cash out at a casino.


When you join a casino online, there are plenty of things you need to know, but one of the most important is how to get your payday. We’re going to make sure you know all the bits and bobs about it, but first, let’s figure out where exactly this payout money comes from.

Once you take advantage of top casino promotions and dive into games, chances are you’ll start stacking up real money online slots wins. You get these wins through a slot’s features like symbol combinations, multipliers, instant wins, and jackpots.

When you’re ready to turn that money from a number on your balance to cold, hard cash in your hand, you’ll need to get what’s called a casino payout. In other words, you have to make a withdrawal.

And SlotsLV is the best payout online casino, because we make those withdrawals fast and easy!

Withdrawing your winnings is just one way you can get money for playing at SlotsLV, but here’s another: Did you know that if you refer a friend, you can earn a casino bonus when they sign up and make a successful deposit?

WHAT WITHDRAWAL METHODS CAN I USE AT SLOTSLV?A cartoon character of a crocodile dressed as Elvis, wearing sunglasses and juggling a bitcoin, a crypto wallet and a check with a pen

At SlotsLV Casino, you’ve got a few options for retrieving your winnings and getting on your merry jackpot-winning way:

Cryptocurrency (Most Popular Withdrawal Method!)
As a crypto-friendly casino, SlotsLV not only accepts cryptocurrency for deposits and withdrawals – we also actively reward it! It’s little wonder that withdrawing crypto happens to be the most popular method since we don’t charge any fees (though certain payment providers might), and processing times are lightning fast in comparison. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Tether and Litecoin payout in up to 1 hour from when funds are processed from your account!

Check by Courier
If you like to keep it old school, you could always order your winnings via check. We won’t send you a gigantic 4-footer, but we’ll get you a real-life check just the same in 4-7 business days!

Credit card
If you’d like, we can deposit your funds via select credit cards in 4-7 business days, but again, be aware of the bank fees. Additionally, SlotsLV charges a $75 for this option.

Bank Wire
We could wire your payout directly to your bank account, but keep in mind the transaction is subject to any fees incurred by your bank. To do this, you’ll need to provide the information for a personal bank account (no business accounts allowed) that is able to accept international transactions. A SWIFT number is necessary to complete the withdrawal.


Now, although we offer plenty of methods to withdraw, not all methods are created equal. You could get your funds in as little as an hour (heellooo crypto!), or wait as long as 10 days.

Here’s the breakdown on withdrawal speeds:

  • Cryptocurrency: 1-24 HOURS (yowza!)
  • Check by Courier: 4-7 business days
  • Credit Card: 4-7 business days
  • Bank Wire: 5-10 business days

Since we’re simply the very best crypto casino online, SlotsLV allows you to withdraw with five types of crypto: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Tether, Litecoin, and Ethereum. When you do, your winnings are in your account in USD within minutes, sometimes even instantly!

If you want to know the fastest and easiest way to get your winnings in your hands, you’re looking at it right here with crypto.

Plus, there are plenty of slots to play online with Bitcoin, too, so your gaming experience is easier and more convenient than ever before.


Regardless of the method of withdrawal you use, each method has a maximum that you can take out at one time:

  • Cryptocurrency: max $2,500
  • Check by Courier: max $2,000
  • Bank Wire: max $2,000

If your withdrawal amount exceeds the amount of your chosen withdrawal method, you will receive your money in payout installments.

So, let’s say you won $10,000 – that’s five figures – congrats!! – and you want to withdraw it via crypto (great choice!). Here’s what you can expect with that crypto withdrawal:

  • Maximum installment amount: $2,500
  • Installment frequency: 1 per 3 days
  • Total number of payouts: 4
  • Total time to receive all your winnings: about 12 business days


From the moment you request an online casino cash out, your payout amount will be subtracted from your playable balance. Whatever funds are left are still yours to use as usual.

To see your withdrawal funds, just head to your dashboard and select “Pending Withdrawals”.


If something changes and you’d rather not take out the money just yet – perhaps a Hot Drop Jackpot is about to drop, and you want that balance to get you in prime position for the win! – you have the option to hit “Cancel” next to your pending withdrawal request before it’s completed.

Alternatively, you could select “Reduce” to keep some of it in your playable balance and continue to withdraw the rest.

CASINO CASH OUT TIPSA cartoon character of a hippopotamus dressed as Elvis holding up a yellow light bulb surrounded by levitating gold coins

You’re practically a pro already at how to withdraw from online casino, but let’s level you up even more. Here are some tips to make it all even easier.


You know how it goes. You always have it when you don’t need it, but as soon as they ask for it, it’s nowhere to be found. Skip all the trouble and show up to your withdrawal request with your ID already in hand – just in case!


A physical check will come to your mailing address, but since SlotsLV wants to be sure you receive it safely and securely, it won’t be left on your front doorstep if you’re not there! A check from SlotsLV with your winnings is a high-value item, and you’ll need to be home to sign for it.


The U.S. of A is a melting pot of jurisdictions with both local and federal statutes and regulations at play where financial matters are concerned. This may have an impact on your online casino withdrawals rules, too! Depending on where you live, your withdrawal options could vary, so take a moment to check your own account for details.

Playing games and making wins at SlotsLV is easy, and withdrawing money from an online casino is even easier, now that you know how.
 All that’s left to do is to choose which gaming adventure you’ll explore today, and if luck has decided to join in, watch its features spike up your balance! Whenever you’re ready, just head to your dashboard, request a withdrawal, then follow the steps. You know what to do!

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