How to Unlock Your Free Spins and Bonuses

How to Unlock Your Free Spins and Bonuses




The savviest players out there know that the best way to get ahead in your casino experience is to start it off right by claiming what’s yours. That could mean many things, like a good night’s sleep, a comfortable seat, and a spin-trigger finger that’s nice and rested. But the most important part of building up your bucks is building your bankroll right from the get-go. And how do you do that?

With the heaps of SlotsLV bonuses and free spins, right at your disposal. We keep our arsenal of bonuses packed to the brim with more ways for you to come around and kick off your experience with a flourish.

If you stick with us for just a few minutes here, you’ll see exactly how you can use bonus codes and free bonuses to play your favorite SlotsLV online slots, and all around get more bang for your buck!

WHERE TO FIND FREE SPINS IN ONLINE SLOTSWhere to Find Free Spins In Online Slots

Before we get into unlocking SlotsLV bonuses and using bonus codes, we should catch you up to speed on the traditional way to collect free spins: in the slot game itself.

Every slot worth its salt (now say that ten times fast) has ways to give you free spins. If it doesn’t, then it likely has plenty of other features that make up for it. The newer online slots in particular have the most unique ways to serve up free spins, and you’ll find it’s really easy to get them, too.


For most online slots, you have to land the right set of symbols in the base game to trigger free spins. Typically, that means getting 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. When you land them, the free spins launch automatically, oftentimes trailing along multipliers.

It’s really a remarkable experience to watch the reels spin with gusto, leaving you feeling a little bewildered by the dizzying display of lights and celebration as your prizes stack up. Some games even let you retrigger the free spins by landing the correct symbols again within the feature, and that is something to remember.


Another common way to get SlotsLV free spins within the game itself is through a “Free Spins” symbol. Many online slots have these, and landing just one of those on the reels could result in an explosion of automatic spins.


If you’re inside a slots bonus round or another type of feature, free spins might also be the resulting prize for landing the right symbols. Keep in mind all of this information is laid out clear as day in the game’s paytable, including which symbols give SlotsLV free spins within the game, whether or not they can be retriggered, and how many you can get in total.


As the free spins pile up, you’re likely wondering just what you can do with them. Why are they such a big deal in the first place?


Well, let’s just say you can think of free spins as more chances to win. Each time the reels set off, that’s another opportunity for you to land the right combination of symbols in the online slot that results in prizes.

You could unlock multipliers, retrigger more free spins, fly off to a special bonus round, or even trigger a fun side game that’s totally unique to that slot. Ultimately, getting free spins can carry you straight to the feature that holds the jackpot itself, all without wagering a dime of your own money (especially if you’re playing on a SlotsLV free bonus).


Another FAQ about SlotsLV slots free spins is: How many you can actually get in the game? Once again, the paytable is the place you want to find out what can and cannot be yours at a given time. The most typical scenario is that you gain more free spins as you get more scatters. So let’s say in a base game, you trigger 10 free spins by landing 3 scatters; 15 free spins when you land 4 scatters; 25 for 5, and so on.


Landing more of these symbols could also trigger higher multipliers which dramatically increase your prize amount. So let’s say landing four regular symbols on a payline offers 100 coins in prizes. If you land those same four symbols during a free spins feature with a 2x multiplier, you now get 200 coins. If it’s a 3x multiplier, you get 300. If it’s the right game… then wowza. You could start spitting off free spins with up to 50x multipliers or more. Truly never-ending!

HOW TO UNLOCK MORE BONUSESHow to Unlock More Bonuses

Free spins at SlotsLV Casino are really something to love. So far we’ve shown you how to get free spins in the game and the types of prizes you can unlock with them. Now we’ll show you how to start your online slots gaming session off in the best way possible, right from the beginning. Let’s collect a free bonus (or two).


There are plenty to choose from, depending on where you are in your account. For example, if you’re brand new, you can get the biggest bonus of all with the Welcome Bonus (which comes with free spins). If you’ve been with us for a while and you’ve got a routine down, then you can take advantage of the Crypto Club. Simply opt-in and start depositing with crypto-exclusively go-forward, and you’ll receive two 100% match bonuses up to $250 each per week, and also earn SlotsLV reward points. Plus, you can also pocket a referral bonus – per friend – by telling others about our casino!

To see which SlotsLV free bonus you’re eligible for, login in to your account and click on the profile icon located at the top right. From there, click on “My Rewards”. This will show you the bonuses that are available to use.


Even better is when you don’t look for us, but you let us come to you. We’re known to shoot out regular bonus codes to your email, just to say hello and we miss you. So be sure to keep your eye out for us in your inbox!


Regardless of the type of bonus you’re using, here’s what you need to do to claim it: after logging into your account and heading to “My Rewards”, choose the bonus you want and hit “Claim”. If it’s a match bonus (like the Welcome Bonus), we’ll ask you to make that deposit so we can match you for it. If you happen to be using a SlotsLV promotions code from your email, you can enter it here.

Once all that’s done, you’re ready to dive in and start playing your favorite online slot games with piles of free spins.

And that’s about it! Free spins make the world go ‘round, and with all the free bonus money and SlotsLV bonus codes floating around your email inbox, you have more than enough chances to grab some freebies and get spinning.