Cat Kingdom Slot Game Review

Cat Kingdom Slot Game Review




He meows… he purrs… and he’ll get his princely paws into your game to demand scratches between his royal ears. Wait – your game? Oh no… this is King Cat’s game, you see, and you are just his trusty subject. You don’t mind, though. I mean – look at those kitten mittens!

When you enter into the SlotsLV Cat Kingdom slot, you step into a world of riveting bonus rounds and memorable characters – all under the rule of a decidedly rotund furry feline wielding a scepter to punctuate his air of adorable arrogance.

This Cat Kingdom slot review will take you on a tour of Chairman Meow’s royal domain, where any visitor can collect stately prizes just as grandiose as the ruler himself.

Are you ready to behold the throne? Enter, loyal subject. Your Highness awaits.


For anyone wanting to explore the castle within Cat Kingdom, they’ll discover a treasure trove of fun inside, including:

✓  243 ways to win
✓  Lucrative free spins round with multiplier
✓  Incredible animation
✓  Adorable characters
✓  Fun theme
✓  One of the best Bitcoin slots for faster payouts

Not everyone, however, is ready to bow down to a furry King, and this is why some may choose to skip the Cat Kingdom:

X  No progressive jackpot
X  Fewer bonus features

GAME OVERVIEW: A ROYAL ADVENTUREKing Cat wielding his scepter, beside the online slots game Cat Kingdom displayed on a mobile phone.

Enter the 5×3 castle of the all-powerful King Cat in Cat Kingdom slot at SlotsLV. There’s 243 ways to collect consistent wins in this palace, with a rewarding free spins bonus round, too.

As you make your way through the slots halls, the stately Mousketeer in a red-feathered hat peeps his head from behind the cushion, a noble Cardinal flutters just overhead, and the Golden Knight fish swooshes around in his bowl, poking the glass with his metal spear.

Of course, the King Cat himself who has had one too many kitty treats, spins through the reels with reckless abandon, a grin of authority fixed firmly on his face.

The scepter in his hand showcases the wins, so if you haven’t already, lower one knee and prepare to bow down! Sure, he’s a tough ruler but when you line up the reels just right in this SlotsLV online slot, he’ll reward your loyalty with gold.


One of the most entertaining slot features in the game is King Cat himself. The ruler sits in an armchair just atop the reels. His belly protrudes from his finest velvet robes, and he highlights winning symbols with a blast from his scepter.


The grandiose castle with three red pillars is your scatter in this online slot. This symbol pays in the base game from any position, and it’s also the one that leads to the game’s primary bonus round when you land at least three.


King Cat loves to slurp his milk, and in his Kingdom it appears in a golden chalice as the Wild on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, and it replaces any other regular symbol in the base slots game.


Some human owners are surprised when they discover just what their noble kitty has been up to when they were away, but inside the bonus round, you get to claim these bonuses and discover just how far he has gone.

The Shocking Wins Free Spins awards slots free spins based on the number of scatters you land:

  • 3 scatters = 7 free spins
  • 4 scatters = 15 free spins
  • 5 scatters = 30 free spins

While the reels light up with spins, the King himself descends from his throne and sprawls out under the reels, just begging to have his tummy rubbed. He infuses his loyal creature subjects with the powers of the King by upgrading them all to the highest-paying symbol… which is himself, of course!

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If we know anything from this Cat Kingdom online slot review, it’s that your prrr-ecious King is always on the hunt for new loyal subjects in his Kingdom. Be sure to invite a friend to join you, and we’ll toss in a referral bonus just to say thanks… on behalf of the King, of course.

Cat Kingdom slot is welcoming you with royal winnings, and King Cat is beckoning you closer within SlotsLV Casino… who else is going to fluff up his fur and feed him his milk!