Monster Manor Slot Game Review

Monster Manor Slot Game Review




Legend has it that every dark cobwebbed corner of our Monster Manor slot is haunted, yet it holds riches beyond any player’s wildest dreams. The Manor is laden with prize potential within its monster-inhabited halls – you just have to be brave enough to wander through and discover them.

For those who love a spooky tale with monstrous rewards, then SlotsLV Casino invites you to explore the Monster Manor! Your hair will stand on edge when you feel the prizes are near, and you’ll jump from your seat at the shock of hidden symbols that are not as they appear.

Does the sound of tremendous slots prizes tempt you to take a step closer down the Manor’s spooky path?

Excellent… then come along and learn more in our Monster Manor slot review.


This is why you’ll love to venture through the spooks and play Monster Manor slot:

✓ Engaging theme
✓ High-end graphics
✓ Great prize potential
✓ Above average RTP (97.3%)
✓ Tons of features
✓ Spooky music
✓ Nostalgia from old horror films
✓ Great as Halloween slots

Some may find the fright of the Manor is too much, and this is why you may not want to step inside:

X  Fixed paylines
X  No Hot Drop Jackpot (but don’t worry; we’ve got several other Hot Drop Jackpots that are ready to drop as we speak).


You’ve just reached the door, and you timidly push it open with a loud creak. Suddenly the world goes completely still, and you know the monsters are waiting for you to take just one more step in…

When you do, this is what you’ll find inside the Monster Manor slot at SlotsLV:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 50 paylines
  • Minimum bet: $0.5
  • Maximum bet: $100
  • Wild multipliers
  • Expanding wild
  • Free spins
  • Slots bonus round

Once the door closes, the maniacal laughter of a vampire greets you in the foyer. Frankenstein emerges from his wooden bed to assess the new guest, a werewolf sleepily lumbers out of his chambers, and a mummy wrapped in dilapidated linen sways back and forth with arms outstretched.

You are the guest of this online slots manor, and there is no turning back now!

MONSTER MANOR FEATURESScreen shot from the SlotsLV slot game Monster Manor showing the Wild symbol and other game features and symbols

Every time you roam through the halls and come upon a new room, the creak of a baseboard wakes up yet another slots feature to welcome you inside with a ghostly hello!


A black cat roams through the halls and taunts you with its adorable meows. This creature is your Wild, but unlike some Wilds in online slots, she is not all that she seems. But before we get into that… land her multiple times for a special purr-rize.

3 black cats = 3x multiplier
4 black cats = 5x multiplier
5 black cats = pays as much as landing the five highest paying regular symbols


Now, there is indeed something odd about this black cat… but you can’t quite figure out what it is. When she passes through the hall the other monsters nod with respect, yet she’s nothing but a cute little kitty, right?

Not quite.

This little feline is keeping a secret. When she lands on reel 3 during free spins, she suddenly changes form, and expands to fill the entire reel as the Witch – the most dominant force in this real money online slot.


If you feel a slight whoosh of wind make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, that’s the Free Spins bat, and you’ll want to stay still so he can land on your shoulder and lead you to a secret chamber of the Manor with another grand prize.

3 bat symbols = pays 2x your bet + 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier
4 bat symbols = pays 10x your bet + 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier
5 bat symbols = pays 50x your bet + 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier

Any more bats landing on the reels during free spins can retrigger the feature in this online slot.


If the sharp pitch of a howl reaches your ears from somewhere beyond the grave, stand firm and endure the shiver it sends down your spine – three symbols with this Bonus ghost are about to put a spell on you.

Inside the bonus round, you have to chase down the ghosts and click on them to collect three potions of the same type, and you are awarded by the value of the potion.

This game’s spooky features go hand-in-hand with crypto gaming. When you rack up some scary-good wins, you can get your funds in a matter of minutes once your payout has been approved, versus other withdrawal methods that take much longer.

IF YOU LOVE MONSTER MANOR, YOU’LL ALSO LOVE REEL BLOODA female cartoon character resembling Morticia Addams from the Addams Family holding a cocktail in one hand and twirling her hair with the other

If this Monster Manor online slot review hasn’t provided enough ghoulish creatures to give you the creeps, then we’ve got another haunted home for you to enter… but this time you might be the dinner, not the guest.

Reel Blood is the place where the vampires live, and they’re always on the hunt for their next meal of human blood. If you manage to brave the blood-spattered Wilds and make it to the Blood Bar Bonus round via the Scatters, you’ll get to select from 15 bottles of blood to collect a prize, and possibly save your life from the starving undead.


Remember, the best way to enjoy games at SlotsLV, like most games, is with friends, so don’t hesitate to call up your buddies and ask them to brave the Manor with you. Although, you might want to play down the haunted part of this slot online, because for each friend that comes along for the adventure, we’ll toss in our referral bonus to make it worth your while.

Monster Manor is as rewarding as it is creepy, so don’t let the howls of ghosts and screeching of witches deter you from coming along! The prizes are waiting just behind the old wooden doors of SlotsLV Casino, so take a deep breath, and enter the Monster Manor.