American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots Review

American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots Review



American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game Review

When was the last time you took a vacation? Like, really unplugged and let yourself live it up? If it’s been a hot minute, then we say it’s about time you packed your bags and embarked on a long and luxurious break. Not just any type of break, mind you, but one that’s done in high-flier style.

You see, we’ve got a first-class ticket for you to board our American Jet Set slot for the trip of a lifetime. A life of indulgence and prestige awaits you – first on this fine aircraft, but it doesn’t stop when you land. No, the richest and finest of high society will be there to welcome you with multiplying free spins, a bonus wheel, and three hot, must drop jackpots. 

You’re about to find out what it’s like to have leg room as you jet set away with us in this American Jet Set slot review. Buckle up and tighten up your bow tie or lavallière, and do be sure to thank the stewardess as she comes around with the free champagne. How sweet it is to be a VIP!


Should you spin it?

True extravagance is just around the corner with the American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots at SlotsLV, and this is why you’ll love the opportunity to get dressed up and truly live it up in style:

✓   Luxurious and swanky theme
✓   Fantastic graphics
✓   Great RTP
✓   Interactive slots bonus round
✓   Multiplier wheel up to 500x
✓   Hourly, daily, and “Epic” Hot Drop Jackpots
✓   No minimum bet required for the biggest prize
✓   High maximum bet for maximum winning potential

Not everyone is a fan of the lush life with bling and parties, and this is why you may not want to board the plane:

X  Prefer a traditional-style slot online
X  No turbo spin option

Game Overview: Your Private Jet Is Waiting…

You’re on your way to a prestigious invite-only party with wealthy jet-setters who have all the cash to spare for the finer things in life, and it just so happens that they want to spend their cash on you. And who are you to argue?

A private jet swooshes in to collect you in your designer threads, and it’s the highest paying regular symbol in the online slot. At the terminal, a bright red sports car rushes you to the party where a butler at the front door hands you a golden watch, a genuine Hermès handbag, and a glass of the finest French Champagne. You’re pretty sure you can spot a few A-listers laughing it up by the golden spiral staircase. 

This is your time to really shine, so you elegantly glide into the epicenter of the party and start doling out air kisses to your fellow esteemed guests. It’s happened: you’ve finally hit the bigtime, baby!

Here’s what you’ll discover as you saunter through the sprawling estate:

  • 5 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 20 fixed paylines
  • Free spins
  • Bonus wheel
  • Slots RTP: 96%
  • Minimum bet: $0.20
  • Maximum bet: $200
  • Maximum win per spin: 2500x your bet

With the SlotsLV refer a friend bonus, you can invite as many friends as you want!

American Jet Set Features

When the slots features start, you get even closer to the dream of living like a queen or king. Of course, you always were on the inside… but now the world is about to find out. 


While you’re sharing a charmingly funny story with your fancy new friends, a straight-postured man with a tux and a flashy black bowtie walks by, looking for a more interesting proposition among the crowd. You summon him over to enjoy the tale you’re spinning with perfect comedic timing, and in turn he acts as a Wild to substitute any other regular slots symbol, helping you edge towards a big win.

Bonus Wheel

Between fits of rich-person laughter and sips of bubbly, you manage to catch two bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3, and a wheel symbol on reel 5. It’s a good thing you did, too, because now you get to spin a bonus wheel for multipliers ranging from 5x to 500x your bet.

With a feature this opulent, it’s easy to become one of our SlotsLV big winners!

Free Spins

Those bonus symbols are still making their way through the reels, but now they’re accompanied by another guest which is the free spins symbol. You spot the two bonus symbols on reels 1 and 3, and note the free spins slots symbol on reel 5, and that’s when the “upscale” setting hoists the scales up a little higher with 12 free spins and multipliers that reward up to 10x.

Three Types of Hot Drop Jackpots

It’s difficult to make such a cash-happy and affluent crowd jealous with material things, but when you land three special crown symbols in the base game, every single eye in the mansion turns around to look enviously in your direction.

Now, you’re the center of attention as you spin a wheel for three SlotsLV Hot Drop Jackpots that must drop every hour, every day, and anytime.

You don’t even need to be on the max bet to be eligible to win, so these must-drop jackpots are an excellent way to win at the casino with only $20 – or even less!

If you love American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots, you’ll also love Mister Money

An overweight 3D-animated hound dog dressed in a dinner jacket and top hat is laying down with his head in his paw, and shown in the other, is a large gold dollar sign. Shown in the background are the words “Mister Money”, from the SlotsLV slot game of the same name.

Another wealthy man of leisure named Mister Money has caught wind of your presence at the jet-set party from the whisperings of the other fancy guests, and before you know it, he’s inviting you to yet another lavish gathering, in his very own mansion.

There is no shortage of jewelry, sports cars, Rolex watches, and stacks of straight-up cash as you mingle with the guests and dance the night away in this online slots game.

Three or more red diamonds may appear among the hors d’oeuvres; if they do, you’ll be asked to select from 15 money bags to unveil a most impressive prize. At any moment, Mister Money could drop a random progressive jackpot in your lap too.

Play American Jet Set Hot Drop Jackpots Slot Game at SlotsLV Casino Now

American Jet Set is now accepting newcomers to its first-class cabin, which will zip you away to a mansion of gold finishes, marbled surfaces and amazing features. Free spins, multipliers, and a bonus wheel are waiting, so slip into your finest attire, and prepare to hit spin on this online slots game.

There’s one final step to ensure you make the most of your newfound high-life. You’ll need to grab your Bitcoin bonus with higher matches and better offers than regular bonuses. Then you’ll be jet-setting in style, even beyond this American Jet Set online slot review!