With winter now behind us, spring is ready to return in all its incredible glory. Masses of colorful flora and fauna transform much of the nation into a beautiful, magnificent, flowery rainbow of pinks, purples, yellows, greens, and blues with fresh breezes and gentle winds arriving to treat all of us to the delightful and wonderful scents of the new season.

It’s the ideal spring-board, if you will, to dive into some spring bucket list activities to really enjoy the return of the season.

We, at SlotsLV Casino, have a dream list of 20 exciting and fun spring activities to do as it reappears on our calendars and these can be done by yourself, or with partners, friends, and family. 

So, follow along below through a tantalizing trail of adventurous spring activity ideas, from biking and hiking to baking and going to festivals, as well as playing spring-themed SlotsLV online slots, of course!

1. Go for a Bike Ride

One way to start seeing, smelling, and experiencing all the joys of spring is a wonderful bike ride. If you’ve got a forest trail nearby or some open and lush green fields, get yourself a comfortable cycle, pack a nice lunch, and take a ride.

It’s also a great way to improve fitness too, and you don’t even have to pretend you’re in the Tour de France. Just take it easy and enjoy the atmosphere.

2. Go on a Hike

Alternatively, another spring bucket list idea is to go on a hike! Same idea if you have fabulous fields, flowers, and flora nearby and don’t enjoy a bike ride or don’t own one.

Hiking is also a good option if you want to do a little bit of uphill walking too, with amazing views guaranteed, and it’s good for your fitness. Once again, a healthy packed lunch, a walking stick, good boots, and a compass, and you’re good to go!

3. Play Spring Slots

Biking and hiking are good for you, yes, but we suspect you might need a little sit down to relax when you get back. So, what better way than to try a few spring slots at SlotsLV?

With Easter a highlight of spring, you can enjoy an egg-stravagant experience playing Eggstravganza! Cute bunnies, chicks, and other Easter icons will get you in the Easter mood with egg-cellent chances of winning.

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4. Plant a Spring Garden

It’s a green time of year, so why not develop your green thumb? With a little bit of practice and learning, gardening can be a fun and fruitful hobby even if you only try to grow a bit of basil, rosemary, and parsley herbs for all your appetizing meals.

 5. Have a BBQ

An animated male chef is standing in the foreground of the image holding a stacked burger, behind him is a barbecue grilling meats.

And on the subject of delicious food, it’s time to get that BBQ out! We live in a big country and some of us are lucky enough to be able to BBQ all year round, but a lot of us aren’t, so take the chance to get back into the groove as the weather improves.

6. Visit a Farmer’s Market

Still on the focus of food, visiting a local farmer’s market is perfect on a nice spring weekend.

Spend the morning enjoying the experience in the open air, pick fresh produce, and go home to cook lunch or dinner – hopefully with your own grown herbs!

7. Spring Clean

Yeah, cleaning isn’t a lot of people’s favorite idea, but the tradition of spring cleaning is an age-old way to do away with the old and bring in the new, so it has therapeutic benefits too. Sort through some old books, toys, and clothes to make donations.

8. Put on a Yard Sale

Following up on cleaning, surely you’ve got a few knick-knacks or a few unused items that might be worth selling. If those items are collecting dust in a corner, why not add this as a spring bucket list idea and gather them up and see if anyone else wants to enjoy them?

9. Have A Game Night

Even if it’s old-school games like Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit or new, cool fun ones like Anomia or Cards Against Humanity, everyone loves game nights with friends. Keep it fun, supply a few spring treats, and the laughs will come.

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10. Take a Boat out on a Lake

A panda is sitting on a rowing boat in open water, smiling and giving the thumbs up. On a vibrant two-tone blue background.

You may have tried biking and hiking, so why not enjoy what nature has to offer by taking a boat on a lake? A little bit of healthy rowing and you can anchor up wherever you like in the center and enjoy a nice lunch, all while taking in all the interesting and invigorating pond-life the water has to offer.

11. Have a Great American Bake-Off

Traditional spring break bakes tend to be dessert-style dishes like carrot cake, strawberry lemon cupcakes, and rhubarb cheesecake squares. So, you can ask a few sweet-toothed friends around, and each put your best bake forward to a get-together of (hopefully!) happy judges.

12. Go Berry Picking

If you’re doing a bake-off, you could pick your own in-season fruits and berries too.

With winter gone, the berry growing season is back in warmer parts of the country, with most states catching up by June.

Berry picking can be fun for a whole group of friends, with many local farms offering pick-your-own days. 

13. Hit a Festival

With the bright days and evenings coming back, festivals of all kinds are going on all over the country. There are so many different and fun outdoor and indoor types from music, art, film, comedy, culture, and even beer, so find a local one and enjoy the escape!

14. Go Glamping

Glamping (or glamorous camping) offers a wonderful combination of adventure and luxury. Enjoy all-mod-con cabins, tree houses, yurts, and if you want, add a bit of biking, hiking and sailing to the experience too depending on where you go.

And if the place has Wi-Fi, then you can squeeze in a few hot slots from SlotsLV on your mobile device too!

15. Go Play Mini-Golf

Another great afternoon out even if you’re terrible at it!  Discover a super fun experience where you don’t have to walk for miles, and it’s usually close or attached to a clubhouse coffee shop for a little after game refreshment.

16. Create a Bird Feeder

Yes, let’s enjoy helping our little friends to stay chirpy. Creating a bird feeder is simple and very rewarding to watch the birds visit your yard, garden, patio, or even windowsill as you can create a small one – even if you live in an apartment!

17. Clean Up your Local Park

Why not volunteer to do some good for the environment this spring? You can volunteer to make your city a greener, cleaner place even just by going round your local park with a bag and a trash stick. Find out who your local environmental groups are and get in touch.

18. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

An animated bunny is surrounded by colorful Easter eggs.

Don’t be fooled – Easter egg hunts are for adults too! You can organize a hunt outdoors or indoors and put anything you want in the eggs, such as prizes like gift cards, lottery tickets, secret messages, or cosmetics.

Choose from traditional-style hunts or try another twist on the challenge, where you simply roll the eggs towards a target and hope to get lucky.

19. Play Hot Drop Jackpots

When you want to relax a bit this spring, don’t forget to play our thrilling Hot Drop Jackpots. These online slot games have jackpots that are required to trigger by certain times, including every hour and every day, and spring is no exception! Take a game with you out on your porch or patio to enjoy the sun while you spin.

20. Learn to Paint Outdoors

Get some canvas or paper; some acrylic, oil, or watercolor paints; brushes; palette and knife; sponges; tape; an easel to stand it up on; and go outside to paint what you see. You could just be the next Picasso or Van Gogh.

So, those were just some of the many things to do in spring, in addition to playing your favorite online slots and spring slot games at SlotsLV.

While you’re waiting to discover the delights of the season, check out which online slots you should play next, and get another fresh buzz this spring.


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