Crisp New Slots Have Drifted in With Spring

Crisp New Slots Have Drifted in With Spring



Crisp New Slots Have Drifted in With Spring

Take a step outside. Do you feel that? The air is still crisp from the final bite of winter. The sun is timidly peeking its shiny head out for the first time in months. And look, over there – a rainbow emerges from behind a cloud in a brushstroke of color. Ahhh. Spring has arrived. Spring is a season for embracing the new: new flowers, new leaves, new fauna, and, in this part of the world, SlotsLV new slots

These new slots are budding with fresh, blossoming bonuses and bright new features. A few rounds will have you spinning pirouettes through a field of thrills to the chirping of warblers and jackpot chimes.

Fold up your thermals – you won’t need them here. Fling open the windows, and take a deep, refreshing breath of crisp new slot games at SlotsLV.

Rock Star World Tour

The crowd roars like thunder as you quietly take to the 6×5 stage. After hitting every major city in the US, this is your final Rock Star World Tour, and you revel in the rising suspense.

With your head down, you slowly raise your arms, poised in a salute to the gods of rock. The fans go ballistic with anticipation from your momentary pause.

One second… two seconds… finally. In one smooth motion, you break the silence and thrash the spin button that reverberates through your heavy metal soul.

In one of the most electric new online slots, six 80s rock metal reels are your stage, 66 paylines are your setlist, and the Hold & Win game triggered by 6 or more black vinyl records is your most chart-busting hit for up to 256x your bet.

Take the Vault

A burly Wild West man holding a shotgun while smoking a cigar over a teal background with text that says ‘Take the Vault Hold & Win’

It’s 1865 in the Wild West, and a masked mugshot of a big fella with a seven o’clock shadow is plastered on every wall from the general store to the dusty saloon, declaring “WANTED: Dead or Alive”. And that scoundrel is you.

In this new online slot, you’re a sharpshooter bandit out to Take the Vault in the Hold and Win game, and you’ve got an explosive trick up your tattered sleeve.

Each time you land on the reels, your face contorts into a bundle of TNT. ‘Magine that. The town stands still as the detonator ticks down from 10 with each new spin. When it dwindles to zero, every TNT symbol BLOWS, scattering new Wilds over the tumbleweeds to stake their claim on the reels.

It’s ain’t always proper, but being forced by dynamite is one way to have good luck at the casino.

You’re tough as boot leather, but even the brawniest outlaws need an accomplice. Bust down the swinging doors and snatch up our casino referral bonus to grow your enterprise. We won’t stop ya. Pass your unique link around and increase your haul with a bonus for each bandit that signs up.

Wild Heart

Text reads ‘Wild Heart’ over a raccoon holding a sword dressed in a purple top-hat and matching cape. Behind him is a moon and pots of gold and it’s all displayed over a teal background.

In the beating heart of the Mexican countryside lives an extra-large, mischievous raccoon known for his cunning ways in new slot games at SlotsLV.

He rides the dirt roads on his trusty black stallion, flashing silver as his sword swipes the air, pining for the attention of his bunny rabbit babe and unrequited love.

Will you help him win the object of his undying desires? A Wild Heart can only yearn for so long!

On a mission of love, an incoming stampede of 3 black stallions kicks up a round of free spins, where you and the raccoon suitor gather up as much affection as you can muster, sprinkling Wild hearts onto the reels. The hearts stay in place as sticky Wilds because true love never budges, and they may increase in multipliers because the same love always grows.

Carnaval Forever

Every year in February or early March, Carnaval in Brazil erupts in a dazzling spectacle of color and rhythm. The party in the streets shimmies and twirls onto your reels in Carnaval Forever, one of the most festive new slot games at SlotsLV,

Take to the crowds to loosen up your legs and swoosh your hips in Samba rolls. The Carnaval Queen is in the crowd somewhere. If you can distinguish her flamboyant green-blue feathers from the rainbow array of others, 3 of her symbols will award you free spins.

While you marvel at the floats shouting ‘Viva o Carnaval!’, save an echo of your voice for another cheer: Viva o Crypto!’ When you deposit using Bitcoin at the SlotsLV crypto casino, your deposits are made quickly, followed by the fastest casino withdrawals.

Pop Zen

Something about a serene blue sky with fluffy, wandering clouds washes you with a sense of calm.

Now imagine if the birds were pleasant little bubbles of orange, teal, blue, green, and red. They gracefully settled into your hand and burst with a zen-like pop. Then more sweet bubbles dropped in their place.

You’d have the Pop Zen slot!

Now contemplate this. A serene blue sky, with pastel bubbles cascading through a 7×7 grid. The progress bar nudges up one notch with every winning symbol that unwinds. When the progress bar surrenders to your wins and reaches 25, one of the five enlightened features is unlocked. 

Fruit Mojo Hold & Win

We’ve all had them – an unproductive day when you didn’t do that thing and the other thing is staring you down and you can’t do anything right. It would seem your mojo has taken a hike.

That may be so, but get your chin up! One of our new online slots, Fruit Mojo Hold & Win, will spin down your mojo and get you back on track. An army of optimistic yet idealistic, and juicy-istic fruits lead it.

Nudging Wilds, random multipliers, and a second chance feature have 243 ways to realign your groove. How they work their mojo magic is a mystery. A mystery stacked symbol, that is, which turns into a regular symbol when it lands.

You’re almost back in the zone when 6 or more bonuses align perfectly. The rest of your mojo follows when a zesty Hold & Win game offers the chance to squeeze out one of three fixed jackpots.

Like the air around us, jackpots are warming up each hour that ticks by. With an invigorated bounce in your step and a garden of new slots ahead, crouch down low, place bets with all your might, and spring forward to a fresh season of new slots.

Leprechaun’s Golden Trail Hot Drop Jackpots

Teal background with a happy leprechaun inside a rainbow circle with text that says ‘Leprechaun’s Golden Trail Hot Drop Jackpots’.

In a land far, far away where little green men roam through emerald pastures; puffing pipes, and strumming harps, one of the most whimsical new slots with free spins takes shape under the arch of a rainbow.

A jolly leprechaun lives in a cavern covered in trees. Goldie Pots is his name, and his pointy ears perked up when he heard you were coming. Slinging on his rucksack, he scuttled out to accompany you through the Leprechaun’s Golden Trail Hot Drop Jackpots slot.

Hand in hand, your curled black boots skip over a trail paved in gold with the help of a bonus wheel, increasing with multipliers with each sunny step. Sometimes, you try on 3 tall green hats on reels 1, 3, and 5 for a whirl through the village with unlimited free spins.

Though the leprechauns, pots of gold, and smoking pipes wave goodbye when you leave the slot, one magical treasure stays close to your side: the jackpots.

Hot Drop Jackpots are infused with the light of a thousand rainbows, and when Goldie Pots winks, the Hourly Jackpot releases once per hour into one lucky player’s wallet-pot of gold.


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