How to Bet To Maximize Wins in Slots

How to Bet To Maximize Wins in Slots





To bet on max, or not to bet on max? That is the question. And at SlotsLV, we’re just the very experts to give you a solid answer. You see, just as delightful and varied as each slot game is, betting styles can be equally diverse, along with the amount you win for each prize.

You might look at it from an equity perspective, or from old-fashioned common sense: why would you pay $25 per spin for a chance at a prize if a fellow spinner was paying only $0.25 to spin for that very same prize? It certainly wouldn’t make sense to place the higher bet.

So the big questions are: when should you go for the gold and bet max, and when should you hold back and ease up on your bankroll?

Those are most excellent questions, and we’re about to cover it all, plus more. As long as you’ve got your login situated, sit back and kick your feet up. You’re about to learn how to play for SlotsLV progressives on max bets, and everything else there is to know about betting max for maximum wins.


Before we open the book and dive into the bones of it, let’s make sure we’re on the same first page by defining the term from the outset. Put simply, max betting means you bet the highest denomination available on a slot game. It’s a key feature for almost every slot, and most of them have a handy “max bet” button ready to fire it up with one click.

All max bet slots come with multiple options for your bet size, ranging from $0.01 all the way up to $25 and more. The problem, however, is that the different bet sizes don’t all come with the same opportunities in the game.

So how do you know when to bet max and when to leave it behind? Let’s open it up all the way and enter the realm of the nitty gritty.

When to Bet Max in Slots

On one hand, the answer to this question is easy. You should bet max whenever you want to maximize your profits. As you’re about to see, however, there’s a bit more nuance, too. Kind of like a fine wine, which we’ll be toasting after you’ve made all your profits on max bet slots.

Here’s how it works: the exact amount you win in the game is determined by how high your bet amount was. The higher your bet is, the higher your cash prize will be.

As an example, let’s say you’re playing a typical three reel slot, and you land three top paying symbols on a payline. If you were betting a low amount, that combo might award you 1000 coins. If you were betting on max, it might dish out 10,000.

If there are any multipliers within the winning combination, those are multiplied by your bet size, too. Add it all together, and you can see how betting max gets you legendary paydays lightning-fast.

And that’s just the regular games. If you happen to be playing a SlotsLV progressive jackpot slot, the max bet is super important. Most progressive slots require that you bet on max in order to be eligible for the jackpot. That does mean you risk more money to lose per spin, but it also means each spin could be the win that changes your life.

Which brings us to our next point. As glorious as it is for magical payouts, max betting isn’t all fairies and stardust. Betting on max comes with some risks, too. Grand prizes = greater risk. ‘Tis the beauty of the game!


When you bet max, it’s true your payback percentage is higher, as we explained. The downside, however, is that your losses are bigger, too. It’s simple math, really. The more money you risk, the more you stand to lose.

A good rule of thumb is to show up to the reels with a special bankroll just for that game. Set the exact amount of money you’re willing to lose, and when you hit that number, take a step back until your next gaming session, no matter how persuasive the urge is to continue on. You could also set a minimum threshold for winnings that serves as your cue to take the money and run.

Whether you’re down or up, if you want to stay in the game for longer, you don’t necessarily need a bigger bankroll. You just need to choose games that offer great prizes for smaller bets, or games that have lower max bets. Those work great for a smaller bankroll because you can still get the highest wins possible without depleting your funds too quickly.

Max Betting on Progressives

There’s no denying that some of the biggest attractions at an online casino are the SlotsLV progressive jackpots. They offer the most impressive payouts, and many bettors show up to the reels exclusively for these. Most of those bettors would agree that there’s no point in playing SlotsLV progressive jackpot slots if you’re not betting on max. This is why.

Remember how we said that it wouldn’t be fair for bettors playing on small bet sizes to win the same dollar amounts as those who bet higher? That’s exactly why games with progressive jackpots require that you bet on max. That way every contender has to bet the same to have a chance, and it’s a fair game for everyone.

Since the main draw of progressive slots is to win the big one, the base game in progressive slots usually offers lower returns. That means you’ll stack up fewer prizes in the game on your way to the gold, and you won’t be eligible if the progressive strikes.

So, you guessed it: when it comes to SlotsLV progressive jackpot slots, either go big for the big win, or ride out your bankroll and win smaller!

Hold on a second, though – not so fast. There are still options for bettors with a smaller bankroll.

If you’d rather make smaller bets and enjoy regular, smaller wins, there are hundreds of other games that don’t require max betting to win the prizes. 5-reel slots are great for this. Adventure through the 5-reel section and check out the paytables – many games you find there will have exciting bonuses and prizes, all available without a max bet.


Finally, before you whisk off to win some SlotsLV jackpots, let’s make sure you’re up to speed on the coin denominations.

Each bet you make, as well as the wins you accrue, are done with coins. The value of the coins is determined by you at the start of the game. You choose the coin denomination by clicking on the dollar amount you want. This amount determines your coin’s value for each spin.

Basically, the coin denomination is your bet size. You multiply your bet size by the number of active paylines in the game, and that’s how much you’ll be spending per spin.

So let’s say you set the coin’s value at $0.05 on a game with 25 paylines. You’ll be paying $1.25 per spin ($0.05 x 25).

See? Not hard at all!

Deep breaths now. That was a lot of high-value info. To conclude our tutorial on max betting for maximum wins, just remember this: the more you bet, the more you’ll win, and the more you stand to lose. If you want to win the progressive, you’ve got to smash that “max bet” button to be eligible, then spin away to your heart’s delight at SlotsLV!