Difference Between Table Poker & Video Poker

Difference Between Table Poker & Video Poker




Poker is what poker has always been, right? Well, sort of. As a matter of fact, when you use your login to play video poker, the experience is quite a bit different than you’d be used to if you go way back to the casino table with your going-out friends. In fact, some compare video poker to slot games – or even the old 90s Microsoft classic: Solitaire!

Both games might be based on the same poker hands, but the way in which you play couldn’t be more different. From speed, to skill, to house edge to payouts, both video poker and traditional table poker are done with their own unique styles and strategies. We’ll show you right here and right now how each one works, how they’re different, and even help you to decide which type of poker might be the best for you.

Ready to talk cards? It’s a deal!


Let’s start with the video version of poker. We might be a touch biased around video poker since it is what you play when you login to but you can’t deny that there are oodles of “pros” that make it a great choice.

Before we get into it, we’ll take a second to see how video poker is played. That way, you’ll know what we’re working with and how it compares to regular poker.

Once you place a bet and hit “Deal”, you get 5 cards. From your five cards, tap the ones you want to “hold”, and then hit “draw” to replace the rest. New cards meet with old, and you’ll quickly see what you’ve won. As you no doubt wondered, there’s none of the calling, checking, raising, or bluffing that is inseparable from regular poker. That’s already a plus… so let’s look at the rest of the benefits.


Since there aren’t any rounds or any opponents to consider, video poker is done in a snap. Each round only takes a few minutes to complete (if that), and payouts are settled on the spot.


All you have to do is pick which cards to hold and which to replace at the start of the game. This takes a huge load of pressure off and lets you focus on doing only one move really, really well.


Another great benefit of SlotsLV video poker is the amount of money you can make in a short stretch of time. You see, when you play poker, the five cards in your hand are ultimately your only chance to get a winning combination of cards, and thus get paid. But with SlotsLV video poker, you can play with up to 10 hands for certain games! That means 10 opportunities to get a winning poker hand per game.


Finally, it must be said that the house edge of video poker is one of the best of all the SlotsLV table games. The most common type of video poker, Jacks or Better, has a house edge of just 0.46%. Compare that to other games like, say, Baccarat with a house edge of 1.06% or European Roulette with 2.7%, and you can see why video poker is such a big deal.


Okay, so that’s an undeniably strong case for video poker at SlotsLV Casino. What about table poker? Could there possibly be any pros left to have?! Well, yes and no.

You see, regular table poker is such a different experience, that you can’t really compare the two so easily. It’s more like apples and oranges. Sure, the poker hands are the same, and the basic idea is the same, too (place a bet and make actions to get a good poker hand), but table poker requires a great deal more time and skill.

With video poker at SlotsLV Casino or any other online casino, you can pop in on a whim and have a payday in your pocket with just one tap on “draw”. That’ll never happen with regular table poker. Instead, you would have to commit an entire afternoon or evening to zoning in and playing your best game. But…


…Regular table poker also has some great things that video poker does not! One of them is the social aspect. There’s nothing better than rounding up the troops to play a rambunctious game of cards.


Then, there’s the stakes. Table poker tends to increase in excitement as the game goes on, keeping up a steady thrill.


If you are well-practiced and you love showing off some skill, you can’t really beat table poker. Every round has a new high-stakes decision to make like buffing, raising, and calling. You get to juggle multiple scenarios and outcomes in your head before making your move, then you get to watch your strategy pan out before your eyes (hopefully in your favor, of course).


Finally, if you’re already a good player, the chances of your skills paying off more frequently in regular table poker are higher. Why? Because you have more opportunities throughout the game to use tested strategies, win back losses, and come out on top. With video poker, you only get one chance with your first action.

On top of that, you play SlotsLV video poker against a machine (the CPU). There’s a fixed house edge that is mathematically proven to pan out over time. So no matter how good you are at poker in general, you still can’t do anything to overpower the machine and its statistical predictability. With regular table poker, you can try to overpower your opponents as much as you’d like. Just be gentle.


So after all is said and done, which type of poker do you feel ready to tackle?

Ask yourself these questions: how much time are you prepared to put into the game? How refined are the skills you already have? What sort of stakes are you comfortable with? How’s your bankroll looking today?

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have a ton of time to spare, isn’t bursting with confidence at their skills, doesn’t like a lot of pressure, or doesn’t want to play with fluctuating high stakes, then you should definitely stick with video poker.

If, on the other hand, you love an extended social experience, you’re not afraid of high pressure, and you consider yourself an experienced poker player with an arsenal of skills to show off, then you should try your hand at table poker!

The good news is, that even if you play a solid game at the table and you still want to get your fill from home sweet home, you could always play video poker at SlotsLV casino when you’re done. We’ll always welcome you!

When it comes to SlotsLV table games, video poker offers so many benefits that our players enjoy: speed, convenience, payouts, simplicity and all-around thrills, to start. SlotsLV video poker is just the thing you need to practice your skills whilst enjoying an excellent night in with the cards. Whenever you’re ready, we think the video poker machine will be more than happy to send you off to the traditional poker table to test out your skills in the real world. Just make sure you come back to see us, ok? Deal?