Your Guide to Specialty Games



If you’ve been happily spinning away at SlotsLV with your favorite slot themes and plots (slot-plots?), there’s a chance you may have missed what other games are out there. Tucked away inside the “Specialty Games” tab are SlotsLV specialty games that are just as enchanting, memorable, and unique as your favorite slot games.

Two in particular stand out as big winners for SlotsLV casino games: Bingo and Keno. That’s right, they’re still here and they’re still popular! SlotsLV online Bingo is a modern twist on the famous local hall classic, and SlotsLV online Keno is a fresh take on an historical tradition.

Not only can you play online Bingo and online Keno, but we also have mobile scratch cards and NEW and exciting arcade-style games! So let’s take a look at all these SlotsLV specialty games and their unique styles. You’ll see in no time the hidden treasures inside these games are well worth a refreshing round or two!


One thing to know before we talk about online Bingo is that this is not your typical community Bingo game. You might think of SlotLV online Bingo as the wild younger cousin of “regular” Bingo. He rolls up on a diamond-studded Harley with more numbers, more cards, and far grander prizes. In fact, many types of online Bingo come with a growing progressive jackpot, just like slots! Check out the different games, and see which ones fit your style.

Amazonia Bingo

This unique Bingo game takes place inside the mysterious Amazon rainforest. Among the lush green foliage and bustling wildlife lies 4 possible Bingo cards and an exotic progressive jackpot.

After 20 balls roll out, the right pattern of winning numbers are rewarded prizes, including a bonus pattern. If you happen to win a Bingo within the first 30 balls, you’ll be swinging through the trees with a progressive jackpot held tightly in your hands.

Bingo Cataratas

For this game you’re still within the green canopies of the jungle, but now you’re paired with a young explorer and his toucan, who serve as your guides. Played with four cards, you want to match the right patterns to win prizes, including the bonus round with a wheel of fortune and a lucky waterfall. If you’re just one number short, you can purchase more balls to push a win over the edge. Frustration, begone!

Bingo Goal

Who says Bingo can’t be a sporty kind of event? With Bingo Goal, you can have the drama of a soccer game with the heart-pumping thrills of playing for the progressive jackpot! As you’re going through cards and dribbling through Bingo balls, you could land the Penalty Kick Bonus where you can shoot the goal for a chance to win a trophy’s worth of prizes. He shoots, he scores!

Bingo Ribeirinhos

If you’re in the mood for a lazy river float with some kindly South American natives, then grab your sunhat and come onboard. There are 11 winning patterns in this online Bingo game, and one winning pattern gives you a chance to experience true village life and pick up fish for prizes. Land a Bingo within the first 30 balls, and the progressive jackpot is all yours. (It’s not a fish.)

Pesca Bingo

Ready to take a dip? This version of Bingo places you in the sea, where colorful fish surround you and 12 winning Bingo patterns are waiting to be matched. If you make it to the bonus round, you can use your rod to catch some fish and get soaked in hefty prizes (which are also not fish).

Tribo Bingo

The smiling tribal ladies are dancing away in grass skirts as they invite you to join them for an unforgettable game of Bingo. These ladies want to see you win, which is why they offer an exchange if you don’t like your Bingo card. They’ve got 12 extra balls somewhere inside those grass huts, and you can purchase them if you’re just a number short. Make it to the bonus round, and you’ll have to practice your shooting skills to win enough prizes to share with your new, helpful friends.

Go Go Bingo

We’re putting off the ritz. Time to ditch the themes and go straight for the paydays! Go Go Bingo is the best choice to play on the go, as it’s optimized the most for mobile. In the game, you get 4 cards, 12 winning patterns, and up to 9 extra balls to secure a win. Sounds like you should Go Go go for it!


Once your Bingo cards are all used up, you can head on over to the SlotsLV online Keno table. Keno Draw is a number-based game with fast rounds and big winning potential. You can choose up to 15 numbers out of a pool of 1-80. Once you place your bet and hit “GO!”, 20 numbers are rolled out. The more matches you get, the more money you win.

This might sound familiar to you as it’s very similar to the lottery. The main difference with SlotsLV online Keno and the lotto, however, is that SlotsLV online Keno is done lightning fast!


If you enjoy lottery-style games, then you definitely should give online scratch cards a try! These give you that quick thrill on the go, which is why we only offer them via SlotsLV mobile casino. Grab your phone and log in and you’ll see our scratch cards come in a variety of themes from the beach to Antarctica! It’s no surprise, then, that our most popular one has the biggest payout. Penguin Payday scratch card let’s you win up to 80x you bet! (Most scratch cards win maximum is 50x.) 

So how do you play? First, you select your bet and purchase a card. Then you use your finger to “scratch” to reveal the prizes hidden underneath. It’s just like scratch cards in real life, but without the mess! In Penguin Payday, when you have 3 matching symbols, you win! And when you win, those cute penguins jiggle in joy! 

If you want to play even faster, you can skip the scratching and click Reveal to see what’s underneath all the symbols at once. Who knows, you just might be a SlotsLV Big Winner with a single tap!


Something new has landed at SlotsLV: Thundercrash! This is a multi-player arcade specialty game where you play alongside your fellow Slots players – you can see their avatars at the top of the game screen!

To play, you have to strap in as captain of the flight and watch the multipliers climb alongside you. The more you fly, the bigger the payout you could earn, up to $100,000! You place a bet and a max cash out value in which you jump from the plane automatically, but you can also jump out any time before that if you think you should. (This arcade game mixes the graphics of slots with the strategy of table games.) If you crash before you cash out, you will have to try again.

Cheer on yourself and the other players with each flight! Thundercrash will leave you feeling nostalgic for the arcade each time you hit Take Off.

If you give these SlotsLV specialty games a shot, you’ll be open to grand, exciting cash adventures you might have missed by just playing online slots. Login in now and head on over to the “Specialty Games” tab, and have a wonderful time exploring new, special paydays.