5 Times Vegas Slot Game Review

5 Times Vegas Slot Game Review




With a setup featuring 3 reels, 3 rows, and 3 paylines, and a smattering of classic slot symbols to form a chorus line on the neon reels, our 5 Times Vegas slot will have you packing your bags. Not because you’ve just booked your flight to Nevada. Rather, because it feels so much like being immersed in the original home of gambling that you can actually smell the canapes and hear the trill of bells as another lucky slot game player stumbles upon their fortune.

SlotsLV Casino already has your ticket booked and your seat on the casino floor reserved. Your only task is to pick the perfect outfit for some fancy Las Vegas action!

It’s Viva Las Vegas, baby, and this 5 Times Vegas slot review is your portal to enter Sin City to soak up its unmistakable vibes.


Out of all our Vegas-inspired slots, this one really tickles our love for the classics.

5 Times Vegas slot at SlotsLV is old-school all the way, with impressive, modern wins. This is why you will fall in love with it:

✓ Timeless, classic theme
✓ Straightforward, frequent wins
✓ A broad, accessible betting range for all budgets
✓ Generous payout potential
✓ Full of the simpler things: which are often the best!

The bright lights of Vegas aren’t for everyone, of course, and this is why some players may find themselves skipping this online slot:

X  Only 3 paylines
X  No progressive jackpot
X  No Hot Drop Jackpots

By the way, if this type of game isn’t your jam – nor your bread and butter – we’ve got you covered. We’ve broken down our slots online offerings to help determine which slot is right for you, so raise a toast to the gods of choice and come take a look – don’t be shy!

Otherwise, get ready to hit the streets of Vegas and dive into the 5 Times Vegas online slot review. The city is waiting…


As you make your way down the Strip, you notice a narrow street… one that’s beckoning you with a faint pink glow.

You follow your instincts, and make your way towards the light. Just one step closer, and you’ve arrived: the 5 Times Vegas online slot is beaming brighter than ever, and you’re certain that the captivating voice that announces, step on up and take a spin! is speaking directly to you.

Here’s what you’ll find when you answer the call at SlotsLV:

  • 3 reels
  • 3 rows
  • 3 paylines
  • RTP: 96%
  • Min bet: $0.09
  • Max bet: $120.00
  • Max win per spin: 2,500x your bet
  • Wild multipliers


Take a look at the features you’ll find when you play 5 Times Vegas at SlotsLV.

5 Times Vegas doesn’t boast a ton of messy features alongside its classic reels sensibilities; it focuses on traditional wins instead. The prizes all come from the regular symbols and a few special ones, so you’ll be able to kick back and relax without trying to remember which symbols lead to what.

And, importantly, since SlotsLV is a cryptocurrency casino, you can be holding those winnings in your palm much faster than if you were standing in line at a real Sin City cash counter.


Most of the win potential from this real money online slot comes from its regular symbols. You’ll recognize the classic symbols from other traditional games, but this time they each have their own paytable. Whenever you land three matching symbols on a payline, you get paid according to its value, just like in the old days.

Here they are in order from highest paying to lowest, along with their value:

  • Sevens: 50x your bet
  • Bars: 20x
  • Diamonds: 15x
  • Bells: 10x
  • Watermelons: 7x
  • Grapes: 5x
  • Cherries: 2x

Now, here’s the kicker. It may be the case that you don’t land too many three-fers, that doesn’t happen on every spin, of course. So does that mean you can’t win in this game? Absolutely not!

The real winning potential all comes down to the special slots symbols: multiplying wilds.


Aside from the classic symbols, there are also three multiplying wild symbols to help you along even more:

  • x5
  • x3
  • x2

Whenever one of these symbols lands on a payline, they help form a winning line. If two of them happen to land with another regular symbol, those two multipliers compound on top of each other, making an even bigger win.

If three matching multiplying wilds land together on a payline, you get a very, very fancy prize indeed:

  • three x5 symbols: 1000x your bet (wowza)
  • three x3 symbols: 500x
  • three x2: 100x

Just three x5 wild symbols are all it takes to win 1,000x your bet, proving you don’t need a progressive jackpot to win big. In case you didn’t know, check out how progressive jackpots differ from regular ones, and you’ll see exactly why the potential is still there.


What do you play next once you’ve had your fill of 5 Time Vegas? 10 Times Vegas, naturally!

Believe it or not, the fun of Vegas doesn’t stop with multiples of five. If you want to really see what Vegas has got on its little hidden streets, then go a bit deeper and discover the SlotsLV 10 Times Vegas slot.

You’ll find the setting remarkably familiar to 5 Times Vegas, but this time the winning potential is even higher with multiplying wilds of 10x, and the chance to win a progressive jackpot for landing the right combination and unlocking a special symbol.

If that sounds like another fun night out to you, then check out the 10 Times Vegas slot review to learn more and discover another hidden land of wins in Las Vegas.


What are good times for if they can’t be shared? They’ll still be good, of course, but the very best way to enjoy Vegas is to gather up a bunch of your most adventurous friends, so before you dive in, refer a friend to SlotsLV and grab an extra bonus on us. Then the whole group of you can have a go on our online slot machines, make your bets, and say cha-ching all the way to your 5-star suite.


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