National Candy Month with Sweet-Themed Slot Games

National Candy Month with Sweet-Themed Slot Games



Treat-Yo-Self For National Candy Month with Sweet-Themed Slot Games

If you find your sweet tooth aching a tad stronger this month, don’t hold back – go for that extra slice of cake! It’s your right to indulge, because June is National Candy Month, and sweetness is in the air like a confectionary cloud.

This whole, mouthwatering month is your guilt-free golden ticket to indulge. While your stomach is being filled with candies and pastries, we won’t let your wallet miss out on the fun. We’ve been working overtime in the factory to churn out a list of sweet-themed slot games to savor the month of June.

Treat-yo-self with a few spins in these candy-themed slots, and instead of calories, fill up on sticky Wilds, unique grids, extra reels and rows, and oodles of syrupy free spins.

Let’s unwrap the delicious possibilities!

Why Sweet-Themed Slot Games Are Popular

Candy-themed slot games are like a feast for your senses, with colorful candies and sweets cascading across the screen, sugary symbols lining up for big wins, and the satisfying sounds of wins chiming like a candy jar being filled with Skittles.

What’s even sweeter than that, however, is a little-known fact about slots. Did you know that candy-themed slots at SlotsLV Casino have some of the best features around? It’s true! The sensory delight isn’t only for your eyes and your ears. Your pocket gets a taste of indulgence, too. 

Top Sweet-Themed Slot Games to Play

By the time the sun sets on the final day of June, your sweet tooth should be satisfied, and your wallet should be thoroughly engorged with the wins from the best candy slot games at SlotsLV. 

1. Candy Carnival

The Candy Carnival is rolling into town and popping up tents like freshly popped popcorn over 6 reels and 4 rows. Skip through the carnival’s array of decadent sweets, but let your sweet tooth linger over the layered Wild cake as it expands four rows high.

Dig into your candy-filled pocket for your golden entry ticket scatter. When you uncover a minimum of three, you get a taste of one of the best bonus games in slots, with up to 50 free spins. The Wild cake expands, but it doesn’t want to be gobbled up all at once. It wobble-walks to the left with each spin, leaving a trail of frosty wins in its sugary wake. Sa-weet!

2. Candy Factory

The workers at the Candy Factory have 7 rows and 5 reels to fill with a rainbow of colorful sweets, just in time for the candy-craving visitors to spin through in June. 

Most of the grid is packed with the sugary fare, but there are a few pesky brown blocks they’ve missed. Thus, the factory needs your help to smash them open with your spins. After you bust open every block, you munch your way into a round of free spins with three different modes: multipliers, extra spins, or the ultimate candy combo of multipliers and extra spins together.

Want to know something else that’s sweet? When you deposit via Bitcoin at SlotsLV, you gain bonus access to Bitcoin treats like higher matches, faster withdrawals, and jumbo-sized cash bonuses.

3. Candy Monsta

There’s a big candy monster behind a candy carnival tent and it’s all surrounded by lollipops and wrapped candies and a light pink sky.

You’ve heard of “hangry”, but are you familiar with “sweetraged”? That’s when you’re so desperate for a candy fix that you turn into a Candy Monsta. Raarrr! Luckily, since candy makes you sweet, you’re not an evil monster, but rather a cute and friendly one (don’t worry, you still get fangs).

You’re bouncing off the 5×3 walls with Wild peppermint lollipops, and three bonus gingerbread houses that lead to some of the finest free spins on candy slots. Get a lick of this: you get 10 free spins within the bonus round, and as long as you keep licking Wild lollipops, they’ll keep sticking to the reels.

4. Super Sweets

There’s a crisis at the candy factory! Everyone is aching with a sweet tooth but there aren’t enough candies to go around. Since you’re here, maybe you can take over the candy-dispensing reels and catch a bundle of Super Sweets tumbling out.

Here – take three golden tickets, that’ll get you inside free spins. Any more golden tickets will sprinkle sticky Wilds once you’re in, resulting in one re-spin per Wild that sticks like gooey taffy.

For your next sweet adventure, lick your way to Hot Drop Jackpots. The Epic jackpot has to pop before it engorges to a delectable number, and that’s your golden ticket to one of the grandest, most mouthwatering jackpot treats of all time.

5. Sugarpop 2 Double Dipped

Have you died and gone to Candyland? Because you’re drifting through a blue sky in Sugarpop 2 Double Dipped with fluffy cotton candy clouds and a 7×7 grid of saccharine symbols spinning over your tongue.

In this sweet treat heaven, your wins burst out in clusters of candies that lead to explosive multiplier bombs and Wild symbols, while Level Up symbols add new sweet layers to the grid with special candies and their features.

6. Sugar Smash

Think back to every dream you’ve ever had about ice cream, gummies, and lollipops, scoop them all into a plastic baggie, and dive right in. When your head pops out in a pile of sugar, you’ll find yourself inside the Sugar Smash slot.

Your two candy guides, dolled up in sugar-coated outfits, gaze lovingly at the 5×4 grid of sweets. They whisk you away on a cloud of cotton candy through four unique grid layouts and featured lands, bursting with stacked Wilds and delightful multipliers of 3x. The next time you ponder having the pancakes instead of the Caesar salad for lunch, don’t resist! This month, your mission is simple: indulge in candy of all kinds, from your local candy shop to your local sweet casino at SlotsLV. The more sweet-themed online slots you munch on, the more sweet rewards you reap.

While you certainly could savor all of these sweets alone, June is the month to indulge in friendship, too. With that in mind, refer a friend to play at SlotsLV Casino, and we’ll candy-coat your next round with a delightful cash bonus.